Outfit matching

Under auspices of the Dutch Caravan Club (NCC) we developed several on-line outfit matching programs. For more than 10 years we improved the accuracy of these programs to predict the towing performances of cars hooked-up to caravans.

The programs very precisely compute the towing performance (e.g. top speeds and acceleration in several conditions) and give an indication of the stability based on the weight ratio which is important for safe towing.

Star Rating System

Towing capability is summarized by a five star ranking, highlighted in three colours. The colour depends on the caravan/towing vehicle weight ratio for safety reasons. All green stars indicate a perfect match between caravan and car but if you see red stars then the caravan is too heavy and towing is not allowed by law.

Towing an outfit with orange stars should be legally OK, but you have to pay special attention to the distribution of weight, noseweigt, tyre pressures and speed. Its only advised for experienced caravan drivers!

Safety and stability index

Based on the weight ratio, towball weight and the dimensions of the caravan we calculate the stability index. It gives an indication of the safety reserve of the outfit.

Speed index and maximum gradient

The speed index is an indication to make a quick comparison between different cars or outfits. The figure represents the average of the following top speeds: 
- Absolute (often in a lower gear) 
- In top gear 
- During (head) wind 
- On motorway slopes 
Based on 85% of maximum throttle (power) and avoiding excessive high revs.

The gradient is the computed maximum you will just be able to get away on 1500 m above sea level (if you get enough traction).


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