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Skoda & Bailey


The Skoda Yeti - 2.0 TDI cr [4x4] and the Bailey Orion 430-4 with a laden weight of 1247 kg is a good match.

73 %

1247 kg 1710 kg
70 kg

Score: 7.9


weight ratio
towball limit
Flat roads
5th gear
hill starts


  • Speed on motorways
  • Hill starts
  • Usability highest gear
  • Higher revs uphill not necessary


  • No salient features


The Skoda Yeti - 2.0 TDI cr [4x4] and the Bailey Orion 430-4 of a laden weight of 1247 kg is an excellent combination for all journeys on all kinds of roads.


The chance of snaking is relatively small at normal speed, if the caravan is well loaded.

Flat roads

The performances of the engine of this outfit are in general very good. Under all conditions on motorways it is possible to drive with 60 mph in the 5th gear. In that case the engine runs approximately 2100 rpm. In a headwind or for example on a crossover there is no need to downshift immediately.


On most motorways inclines (1:20) driving is easily possible in the 5th gear with 50 mph and even full throttle with 53 mph but maybe the engine is running better by somewhat more revs in the 4th gear). In the 4th gear the top speed is 70 mph (3174 rpm). Hill starts are possible on steep slopes, theoretical up to 26%, if the wheels have sufficient traction. While driving the engine has enough power to drive on every normal road.

Attention: This car can easily drive much faster with the caravan than is safe. So always keep an eye on your speed!


The main details in a list. Ideal for comparing different combinations with one another, for example your present with a new one.


Towing limit
2000 kg
Weight ratio
(laden Caravan / laden Car)
(1247 kg / 1710 kg)
Towball limit
75 kg
70 kg
Score at optimal noseweight
Infuence pay load
Flat roads
Top speed
89 mph (4th gear)
At headwind
84 mph
Speed in practice
82 mph (5th gear)
0 - 60 mph
17.9 sec. - (max. 14.3 sec.)
30 - 60 mph
12.8 sec. - (max. 9.6 sec.)
50 - 60 mph
4th gear: 6.3 sec. (max. 4.1 sec.)
Power at 60 mph
Highest (6th) gear
of limited use (1779 rpm, 65% gas)
Gears in practice
5th gear
4th gear
Revs at 60 mph
Percentage between accelerator
55% - 62%
43% - 49%
Power needed at 60 mph 1576 N
over: 1418 N
over: 2178 N
Motorway inclines 1:20
Speed (maximum)
70 mph
In the
4th gear
Acceleration 30 - 50 mph
10.1 sec. - (max. 8.3 sec.)
Normaly at 50 mph in the
5th gear
4th gear
By revs
Percentage accelerator
Hill starts
Maximum incline
24.4% - 26.9%
Minimum speed (whereby power)
5 mph - (9 mph)
Mountain roads
Maximum slope driving
Maximum speed on 1:8
50 mph in the 3th gear


Download a fact sheet in PDF

Details combination

You may customize the data to your own situation.

Skoda Yeti - 2.0 TDI cr [4x4]
September 2009 - June 2015
kW (170 bhp) at rpm
Nm at - rpm
kg user payload kg
/ R
manual with 6 gears
Towing limit
kg (towball limit kg)
Bailey Orion 430-4
kg Payload kg
m. (8'8")
Overall width:
m. (7'3")
Overall body lenght:
m. (17'0")
Shipping length:
m. (21'0")
Actual gross train weight
2957 kg
Stated vehicle gross train weight

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The Skoda towing a Bailey Orion 430-4 (1247) kg reviewed by Paul Budge:

Yeti Outdoor diesel manual 170bhp, 50mpg, 35mpg towing. Solid 4*4. Very stable, smooth power. Car very well appointed, full leather, hill assist and lots of other stuff. The boot is good although it looks small. Swallowed a spare wheel, fridge, full awning, two large boxes of food etc. Small tool box and other stuff. Had to buy the spare as Yetis don't come with one. Factory fitted towbar ( retro fit requires the bumper is cut) The car pulls at 60 mpg in 6th gear and returns 35mpg, plenty of power to pull away if needed. Gear indicator suggests to change up earlier than the revs might suggest but the car copes in the higher gear. Short back end means the towbar limit is 80kg and at this weight the caravan tows very well as the load is over the back axle. Even when fully loaded the rear suspension doesn't sag. This model has a large turbo which is a drone in the background but not to intrusive. If you need more space you can fold or remove all of the rear seats completely and there are serious roof bars for a box or rack.
2 tonne towing capacity.

Thos model no longer produced. Just get a 150bhp and get it remapped. BUT get one with a fitted tow bar and buy a spare wheel.
Very comfortable and economic towcar

The Skoda towing a Sterling Europa 550 (1470) kg reviewed by Duncan:

We been over the moon wth our Match the yeti monticarlo 4x4 170 & sterling Europa 550 up eat up the road hill & motorways! Over taking is never an issue & hill starts even upset a discovery driver!
As long as they are loaded right it's seem a very stable set up.

The Skoda towing a Lunar Quasar 544 (1340) kg reviewed by kayden:

bought this car new (61 reg) 2.0 4x4 yeti, and tow a Lunar Quasar 544, must say 2 Weeks in Devon/Cornwall from North Yorkshire, what a dream and over 32 MPG, as previous posts great car , buying another early next year.

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