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Mitsubishi ASX - 1.8 Di-D hp [AWD] and Sterling

Dave P reviewed on a Mitsubishi ASX - 1.8 Di-D hp [AWD] (110 Kw/150 bhp year: june 2010 - april 2015) and a Sterling Eccles Sport 442 of (laden) 1235 kg.

The ASX won’t pull a heavy caravan, as it is only rated to 1.4t. As the Eccles 442 is a small 2 birth caravan, the combination is ideal. This is the second ASX I have owned. It suites our lifestyle, has loads of space, even more if you put the rear seats down.
Not towing it gives good MPG and when towing, it drops by 15MPG. And with a press of the button, you can select 4WD or lock, for those wet pitches you have to get off when it is needed!

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