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Nissan Terrano II - 2.4 and Avondale

Pam Roberts reviewed on a Nissan Terrano II - 2.4 (87 Kw/118 bhp year: september 1996 - march 2004) and a Avondale Dart 556-6 of (laden) 1195 kg.

Had this set up for two years now. Ex hubby seemed to make it look hard work driving from Manchester to Cornwall last year. But I had to do it first time this year. Having never towed in my life, and the first time I have driven more than 40 miles, but had no problems covering the 350miles. Just make sure that you get a good run up to hills and you'll be ok. One particular hill I had to drop to 3rd gear, but it pulled confidently at 40 mph. I didn't know I had the van on the back, I don't even have a stabilizer. At one point I was stopped in traffic on a rather steap hill, but the car set off with no problems. I just need to learn to reverse now.

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