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Audi A6 - 3.0 TDI quattro aut. and Coachman

Paul Harrison reviewed on 05-01-2017 a Audi A6 - 3.0 TDI quattro aut. (200 Kw/272 bhp year: april 2016 - up to now) and a Coachman VIP 460 of (laden) 1415 kg.


Only had one outing with the outfit but very impressive. No movement even in side wind. Averaged 26.4 mpg over a 140 mile run. The car has so much power I had to keep on looking in the mirror to make sure the caravan was still there.
The only downside I have found up to now is that the cars13 pin plug is a little awkward to connect. I had to go on one knee to connect it.

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