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Vauxhall & Sprite

The Vauxhall Antara 2.2 CDTi 4WD aut. and the Sprite Quattro DD with a laden weight of 1653 kg is a fairly good match.


weight ratio
towball limit

Flat roads

5th gear


hill starts


1653 kg 2086 kg
90 kg

Score 6.8



  • Hill starts
  • Usability highest gear


  • No salient features

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The Vauxhall Antara 2.2 CDTi 4WD aut. and the Sprite Quattro DD of a laden weight of 1653 kg is an excellent combination for all journeys on all kinds of roads.


There is a small chance of snaking at higher speeds, strong side winds and thoughtless driving. Even if the combination normally feels stable, the forces by deflection side to side are great at high speed. For drivers with knowledge of, and experience in driving a caravan it is safe to drive, but proper and careful loading is still important! An electronic stability system in the car and / or on the caravan is worth considering.

Flat roads

The performances of the engine of this outfit are in general very good. Under all conditions on motorways it is possible to drive with 60 mph in the 5th gear. In that case the engine runs approximately 2200 rpm, this gives maybe more noise than usually accustomed In a headwind or for example on a crossover there is no need to downshift immediately.


On most motorways inclines (1:20) driving is easily possible in the 4th gear with 50 mph and even full throttle with 70 mph. Hill starts are possible on steep slopes, theoretical up to 37%, if the wheels have sufficient traction. Because the car does not have enough power at low revs, we recommend a gradient of more than 30% not to drive.

Attention: This car can easily drive much faster with the caravan than is safe. So always keep an eye on your speed!


The main details in a list. Ideal for comparing different combinations with one another, for example your present with a new one.

Towing limit
1700 kg
Weight ratio
(laden Caravan / laden Car)
(1653 kg / 2086 kg)
Towball limit
90 kg
Score at optimal noseweight
Infuence pay load
Flat roads
Top speed
91 mph (5th gear)
At headwind
83 mph
Speed in practice
84 mph (5th gear)
0 - 60 mph
20.3 sec. - (max. 17 sec.)
30 - 60 mph
14.1 sec. - (max. 11.7 sec.)
50 - 60 mph
4th gear: 5.5 sec. (max. 5.4 sec.)
Power at 60 mph
Highest (6th) gear
of limited use (1606 rpm, 74% gas)
Gears in practice
5th gear
4th gear
Revs at 60 mph
Percentage between accelerator
51% - 58%
36% - 41%
Power needed at 60 mph 1679 N
over: 1749 N
over: 3191 N
Motorway inclines 1:20
Speed (maximum)
58 mph - (70 mph)
In the
4th gear
3047 - (3663)
Acceleration 30 - 50 mph
14 sec. - (max. 10 sec.)
Normaly at 50 mph in the
4th gear
By revs
Percentage accelerator
Hill starts
Maximum incline
35.6% - 38.5%
Minimum speed (whereby power)
6 mph - (11 mph)
Mountain roads
Maximum slope driving
Maximum speed on 1:8
47 mph in the 3th gear


Download a fact sheet in PDF

Details combination

You may customize the data to your own situation.

Vauxhall Antara 2.2 CDTi 4WD aut.
January 2011 - 2013
kW (184 bhp) at rpm
Nm at - rpm
kg user payload kg
/ R
automatic with 6 gears and torque converter
Towing limit
kg (towball limit kg)
Sprite Quattro DD
kg Payload kg
kg (twin-axle)
m. (8'6")
Overall width:
m. (7'4")
Overall body lenght:
m. (22'7")
Shipping length:
m. (26'3")
Actual gross train weight
3739 kg
Stated vehicle gross train weight


User Payload:

Output in km/h or mph:

Other Car:

Other Caravan:


The Vauxhall towing a Sprite Quattro DD (1653) kg reviewed by simon:

Update: We have been so impressed with our Antara as a tow vehicle that we have up graded our caravan to a 2019 Quattro DD dealer special with a MTPLM of 1678, again the car tows seamingly effortlessly, I appreciate I have ATC fitted to our new van and twin axels but still I cannot express enough just how stable, sure footed and powerfull this outfit is, Ok I tend to carry most of the weight in the car, two kids two adults, awning, large cooler box of food and wine and most of our clothes in the roof box and not forgetting 3 adult mtbs and a childs mtb so we are a heavy set up but the Antara with self levelling suspension copes confidently. Ive had a few tow cars in my past and was worried at first with the Antara as lets be honest even Vauxhall discountinued it but we made a decision and up to now we have had no issues so happy with our decision.

The Vauxhall towing a Sprite Major 6 (1430) kg reviewed by simon:

First trip out with are new to us Antara se auto (184bhp) fully loaded with roof box, bikes on tow bar rack and 6 berth caravan with all the things needed for a family of four to sunny cornwall. The car was a replacement for our 2006 santa fe which I thought would be hard to beat, the Antara beat the santa fe in ALL area's which was a real surprise. The Antara is such a comfortable powerful car the 7 hour journey was a breeze, my only critisim is that the fuel tank could be a little bigger but I knew this prior to the trip so planned a garage stop away from the motorway network so as not to get ripped off with motorway prices. We never experienced any snaking and 90% of the time the car was in 6th gear on the motorways and only really noticed gear changes when dealing with the cornish country roads, on the whole this car is a very capable towcar and we are planning many more touring trips which will now include Europe as we are so confident in our outfit. BRILLIANT

The Vauxhall towing a Bailey Pegasus Ancona (1475) kg reviewed by Paul:

First time out over the weekend to test our new (to us) tow car. Wow! Fantastic the Antara pulls with ease and has more than enough power. Its stable and really steady. We replaced a Discovery 2 Td5 for the Antara and was a little worried how it would preform.In all honesty it out performs the Discovery by a country mile. Economy is on a par with the disco. Would highly recommend the Antara as a well priced used tow car. Fantastic!!!