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Hyundai Grandeur 3.3i V6 aut. and Swift

merlin reviewed on a Hyundai Grandeur 3.3i V6 aut. (173 Kw/235 bhp year: september 2005 - february 2010) and a Swift Sprite Major 4 EB of (laden) 1475 kg.

I pull a Swift Major EB4 with my Hundi and I'm really happy to report that it does it without much dificulity.
Stability is usually fine, but side winds can make it a bit interesting at times.
Headwinds certainly make the fuel consumption shoot up. from a 9.1 ltr/100km to a rather depressing 16.4 ltr.
Once or twice I have a few shakes but I put that down to wind rather than anything else, but it does come through at the front end which can make it feel like it's taking over the car. If you're not used to it then it can be a bit scary,
The only thing I'd say which is a negative is driving the car isn't much different to driving it without a caravan behind you, so you can forget that you are towing!

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