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Nissan Almera - 2.2 Di and Bailey

R Gibbons reviewed on a Nissan Almera - 2.2 Di (81 Kw/110 bhp year: april 2000 - march 2003) and a Bailey Discovery Mercury of (laden) 1073 kg.

The almera diesel is the best towcar i have driven it out perfoms petrol peugeot 405 and fiat tempra wich were heavier cars and were towing then a lighter van.Pick up is good ,easily holds 60 mph as 3rd gear is same ratio as some cars in 4th mpg is also good this is because it has same size engine as primera and x trail but weighs less and can pull ahigher ratio gear box.If u want economy & abillity to tow a medium size van this is the car.shame they dont still make them.

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