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Nissan Pulsar 1.5 dCi and Eriba

Vic Court reviewed on a Nissan Pulsar 1.5 dCi (81 Kw/110 bhp year: august 2014 - 2018) and a Eriba Touring Triton 430 of (laden) 1000 kg.

Hill starts are easily achieved and the handbrake holds well too. When towing, you have to remember that the caravan is on the back as it is possible to get carried away on dual carriageways etc and speed well above the 60mph limit.
On motorways I have to use the gears as at 60mph the car is sitting in 6th gear at very low revs, or 5th gear at a more comfortable rev level. Therefore I tend to cruise a 65 (which is probably around 62 really as my speedo reads slightly high) to reduce gear changing on slight inclines.
On A roads etc the car goes down to 4th on hills, sometimes 3rd and I am usually in 5th cruising at 50+mph.
Overall, the outfit performs very well, the car feels powerful enough at all times and the gear changing is not an issue. MPG varies with the urgency used in driving style, usually somewhere between 37 - 42 MPG.

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