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Peugeot 2008 - 1.6 e-HDi and Sterling

tom daly reviewed on a Peugeot 2008 - 1.6 e-HDi (68 Kw/92 bhp year: may 2013 - up to now) and a Sterling Europa 390 of (laden) 1193 kg.

my peugeot is the 100 bhp blue hdi engined model and pulls the sterling no problems mine is the 5 speed gearbox although if you are thinking of buying one of these go for the six speed manual i think it would be so much better... fuel consumption is around 62 when not towing down to 50 when towing the van who says you cant tow a decent size caravan with a small suv by the way the peugeot 2008 makes short work of muddy fields with the grip control feature coupled with the mud and snow tyres fitted as standard who needs a big gutsy 4x4

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