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Rover 820 si and Sprite

d.mears reviewed on a Rover 820 si (100 Kw/136 bhp year: february 1992 - april 1996) and a Sprite Alpine 2 of (laden) 1200 kg.

I have a 2ltr rover 800 1994 and a new sprite 2 berth. I find that the car is more than adequate as a tow vehicle,although the noseweight of the van with gas and battery in situ is a bit of a problem.The low rev high torque rover engine is excellant.It tows well on the flat in 5th gear with light or no headwinds.Not so good at hillstarts. No snaking experienced.

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Rover 820 si and Bailey

Christopher McRae reviewed on a Rover 820 si (100 Kw/136 bhp year: february 1992 - april 1996) and a Bailey Ranger 500 of (laden) 1211 kg.

I find the towing of my Bailey Ranger 500/5 (2001) model with my 1998 Rover 820 SI manual in general terms very good. On long inclines i have to change down to 4th gear but once upto speed again i can change up to 5th. We do about 3000 miles a year towing, from our home in NE Scotland to southern England round trip of 1,300 miles with no problems and around 20 to 25 miles per gallon depending on conditions. We also tour round the highlands of Scotland along narrow single lane tracks with no problems. As long as the nose weight is ok the front of the car dose not lift so the caravan sits level or slight nose down. The outfit is generaly very stable in most weather conditions including snow covered roads. The only time i find the caravan moves slightly from side to side is when large HGV overtake us, or when in large open areas with gusts of wind. Overall i find the car and van a nice combination to drive and tow with.

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