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Volvo 940 Estate 2.3 lpt and Elddis

tom reviewed on a Volvo 940 Estate 2.3 lpt (99 Kw/135 bhp year: january 1995 - june 1996) and a Elddis Xplore 530 of (laden) 1253 kg.

Brilliant car for towing as long as you don't exceed the 85% rule, tows our little Europa 450 SE with no problems at all., Returns 30 mpg on a run so can't complain.The 940 will tow 1550 behind it but at that weight there is less power on steep hills and the heavier caravan does not seem as stable as out smaller 450 SE.So it is with safety in mind that we only now tow the smaller van with the Volvo, towing anything heavier I always use our Discovery 300 tdi which will tow anything, and yes the Discovery is an under rated tow vehicle, pretty much forgotten about but it is truly a wonderful towing vehicle.

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Volvo 850 Estate T-5 and Bailey

Andy reviewed on a Volvo 850 Estate T-5 (166 Kw/226 bhp year: july 1994 - january 1997) and a Bailey Pageant Loire of (laden) 1612 kg.

Mine is the 850R estate (manual). Tows like a dream, even with this weight of van. The only problem we have is actually on site when the front wheel drive only doesn't like the grass. However once the self levelling suspension sorts its self out we have no problems. We could tow faster than we do, but I tend to let it drop the speed off rather than burn more fuel just to keep the speed going at the same speed up the hills.It would do it though. Admittedly mine has been chipped to nearly 330hp. Plenty of getting past power if needed. Down hills can be a little nerve racking when you start being pushed by the van. On a long downhill you end up going faster than is comfortable but the car has the speed and the power to pull yourself out of trouble. Overall absolutely brill I won't be changing it in a hurry.

(Note webmaster: never ever accelerate when snaking starts (downhill). If you survive you're just lucky. Immdiately lower the speed of the outfit by breaking hard. Do not stop, but get rid of the over-speed in 1 or 2 seconds.)

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Volvo 740 sedan 2.3i 8v and Ace

Keith Jones reviewed on a Volvo 740 sedan 2.3i 8v (84 Kw/114 bhp year: august 1984 - october 1988) and a Ace Award Morningstar of (laden) 1409 kg.

towed ok on the motorway until going downhill in 4 lane traffic as i was overtaking slow lorries the tail wagging began ..i had to knock off the autobox O/D..slight push from the back as just as the caravan brakes came on i booted it for a few seconds ..pulled out of the snake to continue ..bit hairy but i am an experienced caravanner but it was at 100% ratio

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Volvo 740 Estate 2.3i 8v and Buccaneer

Reg Stainton reviewed on a Volvo 740 Estate 2.3i 8v (85 Kw/116 bhp year: may 1986 - october 1989) and a Buccaneer Elan 15 of (laden) 1485 kg.

I have a Volvo 740 Estate. Automatic. Had it for a number of years. It has 160,000 miles on the clock and pulls like a good un. Fuel injection and modern ignition. Touch wood no serious problems up to now and passes its MOT with few problems. When towing if I approach a longish hill I manually drop it down a notch just to keep the revs up. I pull a Buccaneer Elan 14 L 1986. My phillsophy when I bought both was I would keep them both until we were ready to pack caravanning in. But----we are still "at it" and we are getting a bit long in the tooth!!!

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Volvo 740 Estate 2.3i 8v and Coachman

Chris reviewed on a Volvo 740 Estate 2.3i 8v (85 Kw/116 bhp year: may 1986 - october 1989) and a Coachman VIP 460/2 of (laden) 1430 kg.

My Volvo is the 1988 Turbo version. It tows very well in all conditions. very stable and easy to control at all speeds. Excelleration is good. Hills are not a problem with the turbo assisted engine. Although the report classes the outfit at 96% I have never experienced any problems. The only downside is the MPG is quite low when towing. But hey caravan holidays are cheep, compared to flying to a hotel abroad?

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Volvo 850 Estate T-5 and Hobby

Gavin O'Mahoney reviewed on a Volvo 850 Estate T-5 (166 Kw/226 bhp year: july 1994 - january 1997) and a Hobby Exclusive 460 of (laden) 1335 kg.

My Volvo is actually an 850R estate which has lower and harder suspension and has a more powerful engine which I have chipped to 260bhp. The ride when towing our Hobby 460Ufe is a bit choppy but self-levelling suspension helps. Don't believe what others say about high-power front-wheel drive cars. Ours has never had a problem and has towed us up monstrous hills and off slopes and wet grass with ease. You do drop off a bit on the hills fully laden unless you want to really work the engine but this is a minor irritant and 60-70mph cruising on the flat is easy and gets you out of trouble with the trucks when necessary. My only suggestion is to put your awning in the back and any other really heavy items you might have. It makes for a more comfortable tow. Other than that you can tow with ease and when unhooked mix it with the best!!!! Happy driving!

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Volvo 850 sedan 2.5 20v LPT and Standaard Caravan

Maurice reviewed on a Volvo 850 sedan 2.5 20v LPT (142 Kw/193 bhp year: may 1996 - january 1997) and a Standaard Caravan of (laden) 1200 kg.

Have used this vehicle as a tow car for ten years and never had it let us down..Towed extensively on the continent of Europe when it sometimes gets hot and requires A/C -- this lower es the fuel consumption slightly -- but has no appreciable effect on the tow..

The vehicle is heavy and stable enough to compensate for side winds from trucks etc
Being a saloon car it is very comfortable and quiet with little road noise - but also has a very large trunk (boot) for all of the equipment that you don't want to put in the caravan.
We have found slightly BETTER fuel consumption (strangely) when towing on long motorways than when solo.

All in all a very good and dependable tow car..

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