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Volvo V70 III - D5 twinturbo aut. and Elddis

Den reviewed on 31-07-2017 a Volvo V70 III - D5 twinturbo aut. (158 Kw/215 bhp year: june 2011 - september 2015) and a Elddis Affinity 554 of (laden) 1476 kg.

Tow at 28 mpg. More than enough power to enable motorway gradients to be taken in 6 th gear easily. Auto box is perfect match for towing this van. Generally very stable tow but important van is loaded correctly with correct nose weight otherwise van can cause minor instability. I use Volvo detachable tow ball which is easy to fit and remove. I would recommend this pairing.
Beware steep hill starts on wet slippery roads. Very easy to spin front wheels and go nowhere

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