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Chevrolet Captiva - 2.2D aut. [4WD] and Elddis

Peter McGann reviewed on 20-08-2017 a Chevrolet Captiva - 2.2D aut. [4WD] (135 Kw/184 bhp year: february 2011 - september 2014) and a Elddis Avante 566 of (laden) 1505 kg.

I have been towing an Elddis Avante 566 for the past 3 years with the Chevrolet Capitva 2.2 AWD (184bhp) automatic and it's a doddle.
Consumption runs between 28 and 29mpg and It's an easy drive as it's automatic and within all this the car is fully loaded.
The car has only done 34,000 in round terms so it's got plenty of life left in it which means we've got plenty of towing to do at an affordable fuel cost

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