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Jeep Patriot - 2.0 CRD and Bailey

Richard Stiles reviewed on 30-09-2017 a Jeep Patriot - 2.0 CRD (103 Kw/140 bhp year: september 2007 - 2011) and a Bailey Pageant S6 Vendee of (laden) 1415 kg.

Was initially concerned as I have always towed with larger vehicles but my fears were unwarranted. The Patriot tows the Bailey Pageant Vendee with ease. Nose weight took some juggling as the caravan was 147kg with just one gas bottle up front. We travel quite light so struggled to be able to move much to get the nose weight down to a more satisfactory 85kg. Cruised easily at 60mph and was able to pass HGV's on up hill stretches of dual carriageway without concern. I can honestly say that the Patriot tows as well as my previous Grand Cherokee 4.0 and has the same torque figure. Pat returns 30 mpg towing compared to 16mpg in the Grand Cherokee.

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