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Kia Sorento II - 2.2 CRDi aut. [4WD] and Bailey

Jon Snow reviewed on 11-10-2017 a Kia Sorento II - 2.2 CRDi aut. [4WD] (145 Kw/197 bhp year: september 2009 - january 2015) and a Bailey Olympus 464 of (laden) 1320 kg.

I have a 2013 Kia Kx3 2.2 auto towing a 2011 Bailey 464 Olympus. We have just covered 2000 around Britain this year north south east and west, the combination returns me 33 MPG without the van iin tow I get 37. I have been up mountains and along many very small west country roads I have never felt that the van is hindering a wonderful drive, in fact I it is such a ride you dont know your towing. It is easy to forget you have the van and on occasions you have to really check the speed. Having said all that the Kia is a great tow car even when the van is not quiet loaded correctly and I for one would recommend this car for all your towing needs.

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