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Kia Sorento II - 2.2 CRDi aut. [4WD] and Bailey

Phillip King reviewed on 12-10-2017 a Kia Sorento II - 2.2 CRDi aut. [4WD] (145 Kw/197 bhp year: september 2009 - january 2015) and a Bailey Pegasus GT65 Bologna of (laden) 1606 kg.

Overall a little disappointed. Towing at 60 mph I get 22 mpg, OUCH! and I stick to the weight limits, so not a case of overloading. The hitch weight of the van is (with a gas bottle up front) is almost 95kgs 15Kgs more than the tow ball limit, and this you feel going over bumps.You know your towing. It can also, occasionally, feel a little twitchy on uneven roads. (My Volvo XC60 was rock solid, just a pity it burst into flames) I've since taken everything out the front locker and it rides a little better. Towing, there are no issues, the engine is very capable. On the flat, 60 mph in sixth is easily achievable. The auto box is a little sluggish and lets you know its working. I didn't want a auto, never been a fan, but at the time my choice was limited because of cost. You can't fault the car generally, nor the warrantee. My car is six years old and Kia have just replaced the radio/head-unit, smart key and rear camera under warrantee. Amazing service I'd recommend the car but not if your pulling much over 1400 kgs. Around that weight I think the car would be exceptional.

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