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Landrover Range Rover - 3.6 TDV8 aut. and Compass

Craig reviewed on 20-11-2017 a Landrover Range Rover - 3.6 TDV8 aut. (200 Kw/272 bhp year: may 2006 - september 2010) and a Compass Omega 544 of (laden) 1560 kg.

Used to tow with a 3.0tdi Audi A8 and I thought that was excellent but the Range Rover is in another league. You really don’t feel the caravan on the car at all. The car bearly has to work to shift the van even up hills. It very rarely changes down to even go up hills. With the van on the Range Rover recognises that it’s towing and holds on to gears for a little longer. The best thing is that when you are going down hill if you initially brake the car to a speed you feel comfortable with for going down the hill then take your foot of the accelerator the Range Rover will downshift and use engine braking to hold the van and car at that speed without the need to constantly brake.. All in all a v8 diesel Range Rover is going to tow anything. You can’t go wrong. Fuel economy is (for me anyway) 30mpg without the caravan on motorways and about 27mpg with the van on. I did pay to de carbon the engine which improved my mpg from 25mpg without van and almost 20mpg with the van. Well worth spending £300 to get this done.

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