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Mercedes-Benz E Combi - 320 CDI aut. and Eriba

John Summers reviewed on 28-12-2017 a Mercedes-Benz E Combi - 320 CDI aut. (165 Kw/224 bhp year: august 2005 - november 2009) and a Eriba Nova 570 of (laden) 1610 kg.

Ive owned the MB 320cdi estate 7 speed auto for 2 years now - what a great car giving 45mpg @ high motorway speeds solo. Just purchased the Hymer 570gs and out for our first trip; both behaved perfectly over the 400+ travelled with the car fully laden and the van only 50% laden. No dramas on the hills or motorways with the lorries etc. Combined fuel consumption a little disappointing in the low 20,s but you can't have it all. I used cruise control whenever possible- you must watch your speed with this car as its easy to overdue it with the van on the back. Overall great combination, thoroughly recommended.

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