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BMW - 525i aut. and Knaus

Chris reviewed on 18-01-2018 a BMW - 525i aut. (141 Kw/192 bhp year: september 2003 - january 2005) and a Knaus Lifestyle 500 LD of (laden) 1350 kg.

I have to be honest in that I'm a bit disappointed with the BMW as a towcar. It does the job but it seems to have to work a lot harder than I think it should.
Flat motorway sections and slight inclines aren't usually a problem but longer uphill drags require me to either slow down, use a gear or two lower and really steep roads (The A38 south-west just after Exeter comes to mind) requires a combination of much slower road speeds and high revs in a low gear.
Fuel economy is dismal too, don't expect to get much above 20mpg on a good run - if you're uphill and down dale then expect that to plummet into the mid teens.
On the plus side the automatic gearbox handles towing very well. Pulling off from a junction is incredibly efficient with no hesitation at all even with the van in tow.
In fact at lower speeds the car does a much better job and accelerating up to motorway speeds is a breeze - it seems to be keeping it there that's more of a problem!

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