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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Bailey

Martin Ward reviewed on 28-02-2018 a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (120 Kw/163 bhp year: september 2015 - 2018) and a Bailey Pegasus Verona of (laden) 1450 kg.

We bought the Outlander PHEV after the VW emissions debacle which ruined our Passat for towing ( and most of anything else ! ). The CC did not give it a great review but after reading what reviews we could get we took the plunge. First trip with caravan was to Derbyshire and we returned 22 mpg which was better than expected. 2nd time out was to France, 20 mpg on way to Portsmouth and 15pmg on long straight French roads. I did an analysis of our previous years motoring in the Passat and factored in known mpg figures. I then estimated the same 3 sets of driving as before, 2500 miles with caravan at estimated 15mpg, 3500 solo distance driving at est. 40mpg and 6000 local diving at 55mpg. It worked out at the same overall gallons of fuel ie 360 gallons, but this time with petrol not diesel which ticked the anti NOX box. Towing is more than just acceptable, yes, it accelerates a bit slower but is fine and very stable . Big long French hills drops speed to 45mph but cope ok. The caravan was loaded to the max, bit of adjustment to get noseweight down to 70kg but rewarded with very smooth ride. The car performed even better on the local 6000 mile department, returning often between 80 / 100 mpg cost equivalent as not petrol used on electric and having solar panel often with much reduced cost. My advice is do realistic costs, understand your own needs and views on (dirty) diesel / air pollution etcetc. Be brave, think outside the box ! Don't forget, even though it sounds corney, think of the future and the next generations.Enjoy caravanning!

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