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Ford Galaxy - 2.0 TDCi aut. and Bailey

Jon reviewed on 23-03-2018 a Ford Galaxy - 2.0 TDCi aut. (132 Kw/180 bhp year: june 2015 - 2019) and a Bailey Senator California of (laden) 1459 kg.

I had a previous galaxy which was amazing to tow although we did have some difficulties with the gearbox we decided to go for another Galaxy Titanium X 2.0 Diesel with a factory fitted dedicated towbar.

From day 1 to now 2 year on, this has been a match from heaven and perfect on every front, as a unit the combination delivered pretty good fuel economy and a very stable and comfortable drive, I cannot think of any time when I had worries or concerns while towing.

The advantage of having a dedicated electrics towbar is that it is fitted before delivery and fully programmed which, in my opinion, provides a safe and comfortable combination especially as the van has ATC fitted. Do make sure that the aux pin is connected when you as for the complete fit of the towbar.

I echo other reviews of this combination it is probably the best match and combination I have ever had, so much so my wife has taken to towing on short and long journeys which gives the added advantage of avoiding becoming tired and needing to take an unscheduled stop for safety.

It was such a pleasure to drive that often when stopping for refreshments or call of nature if I left the drivers seat it was commandeered by the wife before I got back.

The one thing I wish Ford would provide given the perfection of this car for towing a caravan, an option on the sat-nav for an upgrade to allow input of towing combinations (Height, Width etc.) to avoid the need to double check a route and avoid being taken along an unsuitable road. My guess is that this can only be a software review and not a major change but I'm not a techy!

Give the Ford Galaxy a serious consideration if your looking for a tow car, it has the added advantage of cavernous luggage space, 7 adult size seats with multiple options, our next change is going to be the same without doubt.

Bailey Senator California has been a great van, the problems have always been getting help from Bailey, warranty and service issues and crazy price of spares. I am pretty sure our next will not be a Bailey, any suggestions?

Enjoy your free time, I am into retirement now so we are replacing our van and going to see a lot more countryside.

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