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Opel Zafira 1.8 and Lunar

Phil Ginn reviewed on 29-04-2018 a Opel Zafira 1.8 (103 Kw/140 bhp year: july 2005 - september 2011) and a Lunar Zenith 4 of (laden) 1145 kg.

I searched hard for a ultra light van with a good spec. and the Zenith was perfect, its an excellent balance with the Zafire 88kw (120 hp) car
Its always been quite laden with kids, awning etc. So the car would be laden to 1850 kg and the van to about 1200.
Towing was a delight, mostly in 5th gear quite easily, dropping to 4th on inclines on A and B roads. It would hold 55 / 60 on motorways in 5th most of the time.
Touring Yorkshire was not a problem.
Fuel consumption must be recorded with the car tyres up to high when hot and 42 / 44 on the van. At those pressures I would get 24 / 25 MPG.
The Zafira 2 is a much undererated towcar, so much so I am now going up a weight to a bailey pursuit.

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