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Jaguar XF Sportbrake 20d and Bailey

Steve reviewed on 01-06-2018 a Jaguar XF Sportbrake 20d (132 Kw/180 bhp year: june 2017 - up to now) and a Bailey Unicorn Madrid of (laden) 1496 kg.

In their new model XF Jaguar have made significant improvements for those choosing to use their car to tow a caravan. There's now a road light test facility to check all your van's lights are working correctly, plus in the hand book is a table showing the min and max wattages for the road light bulbs that the car's electrical can support.

The new Sportbrake tows as well as the previous model even though its weight is slightly lower, I've found no stability issues on any roads or in any traffic situations. The new Jaguar designed engines are more economical than the previous Ford designed units. Our previous 2013 2.2D Sportbrake averaged 29 mpg when towing, the new 2.0 D is averaging 34 mpg and it's done less than 1000 miles so I expect it to improve as the car loosens up.

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