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Audi A6 - 2.0 TDI aut. and Fendt

Svend reviewed on 28-07-2018 a Audi A6 - 2.0 TDI aut. (140 Kw/190 bhp year: april 2016 - 2018) and a Fendt Bianco 515 SG Selection of (laden) 1600 kg.

A6 Avant with a total load weight of about 2200 kg is an excellent match to the caravan’s total of about 1750 kg, allowed max is 1800 kg. Driving at 80 - 100 km/h on highway in D6, occassionally D7. Uphill 5 -7% in D5 at maintained speed, in D4 when accellerating from 80 to 100 is no hazzle.

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