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Honda CR-V 1.6i-DTEC 4WD aut. and Venus

Mark reviewed on 30-07-2018 a Honda CR-V 1.6i-DTEC 4WD aut. (118 Kw/160 bhp year: april 2015 - 2018) and a Venus 570/4 of (laden) 1350 kg.

We love the Honda, our first SUV after a series of estate cars. Its a truly excellent car to drive - with or without the caravan on the back.

Just back from the magical Ardnamurchan penisula on the West Coast of Scotland, the CRV lapped up the 350 mile journey effortlessly. The auto box is brilliant at making good use of the torque, whether cruising along the motorways or climbing over the mountains and winding through the glens. The reversing camera is great for hitching up, and the combination of the car's trailer stability system and the ALCO stabilizer make for a very solid pairing, even in strong winds.

Returning 35mpg on the motorways and 27 in the hills vs 50+mpg when not towing.

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