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Landrover Discovery Sport TD4 180 aut. and Geist

Gary Satterthwaite reviewed on 01-12-2018 a Landrover Discovery Sport TD4 180 aut. (132 Kw/180 bhp year: january 2016 - up to now) and a Geist Xklusive XK550 of (laden) 1533 kg.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Landmark easily towed our Geist caravan, tested it on the long inclines of the M6 in Cumbria and the undulating roads from Ingleton to Hawes in North Yorkshire, Only time you knew the van was on the back was when you checked in the mirror, rock steady, good hard suspension that refused to move no matter what, torqey engine and auto box a great match and despite what I had read about not getting into 9th gear on the motorway, it did just that and only dropped a cog or 2 at most on steep inclines. What amazed me most was the excellent refinement of this engine, super hushed at all times, MPG 22-24 a little on the low side, but still only got 1200 miles on the clock, it should avg about 25 towing overall on mixture of country and motorway roads, I'll be happy with that. I wholeheartedly recommend this Land Rover as a towcar, it beats my 2012 BMW X5 and that is saying something.

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