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Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 220 [4WD] and Bailey

Marcus reviewed on 08-04-2019 a Ssangyong Korando e-xDi 220 [4WD] (131 Kw/178 bhp year: july 2016 - up to now) and a Bailey Pegasus Palermo of (laden) 1760 kg.

Great car bought as a 2nd car to tow our Bailey which is quite a heavy van, the Dealership made it clear this car would tow upto two tonnes, well on paper yes it will but they dont tell you that your mileage will drop to mid 20s, I am an experienced caravan owner for just over 20 years. Towed the caravan very well , very stable, the car does roll a bit in bends we got caught out by the Beast from the East in 2018 and the AWD system was adequate in snow, I would not normally tow in snow but I had no option, the system does tend to spin the front wheels a few times before the AWD kicks in but it was reassuring when it did, the ride is overly firm on flat surfaces and the car does feel a bit jittery, my only gripes about the car when towing is MPG and poor ride the cabin is a bit cheap but it does have a proper spare tyre and Jack which most cars today can only dream of. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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