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Mercedes-Benz E 220 CDI aut. and Lunar

Mike S reviewed on 31-07-2019 a Mercedes-Benz E 220 CDI aut. (125 Kw/170 bhp year: february 2013 - 2016) and a Lunar Clubman SI of (laden) 1470 kg.

Changing from a Volvo XC90 to a saloon car I was very apprehensive but ended up being extremely pleased with the performance of the Mercedes.

Most important lessons learnt were,
1. Ensure tyre pressures of the Mercedes are inflated to manufactures recommended
2. Place awning in boot rather than in the 'van.

Tyre pressures are critical to stability and as the nose weight of caravan is quite high, loading to rear of van causes instability, the additional weight of the awning certainly made the van - slightly - sway when a large truck overtakes.

Power of the Mercedes is amazing, you can very quickly find you are exceeding the towing speed limits! Consumption is equally pleasing; over 8000 mile this year a total mpg is 47.9mpg. Towing averages 32mpg.

Very happy with the towing ability of the Mercedes but, in hindsight, think I should of selected the estate version for its carrying capability.

The Mercedes is an extremely comfortable and surprisingly economical car with the benefit of carrying a spare, albeit 'skinny', tyre and annual tax of £30. If you don't want an SUV than the Mercedes E220 cdi is an excellent option

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