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Peugeot 5008 1.6 e-THP aut. and Coachman

Clive reviewed on 02-08-2019 a Peugeot 5008 1.6 e-THP aut. (121 Kw/165 bhp year: march 2017 - 2018) and a Coachman Pastiche 470 of (laden) 1320 kg.

Early findings having only been out on three occasions and covered circa 300 miles.

First time with caravan and within several miles noticed a burning smell. This has not been repeated so working under the premise that the car being one year old, low milage and never under load before was burning off some new car smells.

The second outing was uneventful but reassuring as it towed very well on a wide range of roads in largely heavy traffic.

The third trip went well for the first 100 miles and then an engine ‘stutter’ resulted in red spanner symbol and engine management warning to seek assistance. The code was identified as ‘fuel rail sensor/system low pressure warning’. In fairness this was a very hot day with air con running at high speed.
A Peugeot dealer carried out investigation and was unable to find a fault. With the system reset the following 100 miles solo has not seen any issues.

The positives of this vehicle are its size and practicalities for two persons, two large dogs and awning. Elevating the low payload of the caravan.
The challenges are to get the nose weight down to 72kgs and being a 1.6 petrol automatic fuel consumption is lower than hoped for or expected at 25mpg.

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