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Opel Antara 2.2 CDTi 4WD aut. and Sprite

simon reviewed on 10-08-2019 a Opel Antara 2.2 CDTi 4WD aut. (135 Kw/184 bhp year: january 2011 - 2013) and a Sprite Quattro DD of (laden) 1653 kg.

Update: We have been so impressed with our Antara as a tow vehicle that we have up graded our caravan to a 2019 Quattro DD dealer special with a MTPLM of 1678, again the car tows seamingly effortlessly, I appreciate I have ATC fitted to our new van and twin axels but still I cannot express enough just how stable, sure footed and powerfull this outfit is, Ok I tend to carry most of the weight in the car, two kids two adults, awning, large cooler box of food and wine and most of our clothes in the roof box and not forgetting 3 adult mtbs and a childs mtb so we are a heavy set up but the Antara with self levelling suspension copes confidently. Ive had a few tow cars in my past and was worried at first with the Antara as lets be honest even Vauxhall discountinued it but we made a decision and up to now we have had no issues so happy with our decision.

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