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Opel Astra 2.0 CDTi and Sterling

Edward Barrett reviewed on 09-11-2019 a Opel Astra 2.0 CDTi (118 Kw/160 bhp year: december 2009 - november 2015) and a Sterling Eccles Opal of (laden) 1493 kg.

It's a Sterling Sheraton 520 so 1300kg max but that wasn't an option to pick. Car and caravan are great 52mpg on a long run solo and 30mpg towing. Tows superbly loads of power even fully loaded up hills etc in the lake district. Just keep it in 5th on the motorway due to the car being so highly geared. But solo at 60 I'd stay in 5th anyway. Best keep the nose weight up as helps loads. I suspect the car weight more than the 1.4 ton on paper as it tows so well. I would personally tow a heavier caravan. Pulls caravan away even fully loaded on a hill is fine. Only time I've ever smelt the clutch was a very slow pushing the caravan into place backwards up a hill. Car has a max weight of 2050kg and max train weight of 2650 (from memory) so you can tow a caravan upto 1450 kg on a b licence which is handy.

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