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Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi aut. and Compass

Dan B reviewed on 01-01-2020 a Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi aut. (118 Kw/160 bhp year: december 2008 - 2017) and a Compass Casita 866 of (laden) 1734 kg.

Actually tow with a Insignia 4x4 Bi turbo with 198 bhp.
Car is at 99% tow limit and towball limit is low at 85kg.

Overall the twin turbo engine is a great power house to tow a twin axle caravan. The weight fully loaded is 1800kg and the car tows no problem on the motorway, country roads or uphill. Once up to speed the engine will tow in 6th gear no issues but does need to drop down a gear in a headwind or up a slight incline.
The 4x4 system is good on the grass and gravel and really helps pulling away in wet conditions. It definitely helps when pulling off a pitch in the wet on the grass!
Reversing isn't the strongest point of the 4x4 system and if reversing uphill in a tight space you can feel the system trying to work out where to send the power, so a motor mover is needed for the big caravan.

Overall this is a great alternative to a big 4x4 to tow and use as a day to day car without the caravan. Space in the rear and boot is sufficient for 2 weeks away worth of kit as well as the space in the caravan.

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