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Honda Civic Tourer - 1.6 i-DTEC and Bailey

Martin Wayte reviewed on 05-01-2020 a Honda Civic Tourer - 1.6 i-DTEC (88 Kw/120 bhp year: february 2014 - march 2017) and a Bailey Pegasus GT65 Genova of (laden) 1286 kg.

2016 Civic 1.6 DTEC SR Tourer and 2014 Bailey Genoa. I’ve been towing with this outfit for 8 months now. Civic is nice and stable and has plenty of torque. 6th gear, with cruise set at 63mph on the motorway most of the time, changing down for some gradients. 30mpg average towing. 60mpg solo. Suspension is slightly on the soft side, with ‘van on the back and a large dog in the boot, regardless of what setting, usually set on Dynamic for towing (Comfort/Normal/Dynamic). Generally I would recommend the Civic. Planning on a Bailey Phoenix 440 next.

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