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Towing limits
Citroen XM

Overview of the towing limits and the '85% recommended towing weights' within a model range. In general, the caravan should not exceed 85% of the kerbweight of the car (if allowed). Of course, 50 kg more or less does not matter too much and not the difference between absolutely safe driving and dangerous driving!

Towing weights in general:

'85% rule'
Towing limit
XM Break TurboCT [11/1992 - 7/2000]
1300 kg*
1300 kg
XM D12 [4/1990 - 7/1994]
1300 kg
1300 kg

* = limited by towing limit

Towing limits

Select a car and a model and you get a list of all towing limits and '85% recommended towing weights'.

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