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Landrover & Elddis

The Landrover Discovery 2.7 Td V6 aut. and the Elddis Affinity 540 with a laden weight of 1480 kg is a perfect match.


weight ratio
towball limit

Flat roads

5th gear


hill starts


1480 kg 2754 kg
80 kg

Score 11

37% *

* without the use of low gear


  • Car is relatively heavy compared to caravan
  • Higher speeds are safely possible
  • Speed on motorways
  • Hill starts
  • Usability highest gear
  • More flexibility in payload
  • Higher revs uphill not necessary


  • Chance of overheated brakes in downhill

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The Landrover Discovery 2.7 Td V6 aut. and the Elddis Affinity 540 of a laden weight of 1480 kg is an excellent combination for all journeys on all kinds of roads.


The chance of snaking is small even at higher speeds.

Flat roads

The performances of the engine of this outfit are in general very good. Under all conditions on motorways it is possible to drive with 60 mph in the 5th gear, by giving the engine just a bit of throttle. In that case the engine runs approximately 2100 rpm, this gives maybe more noise than usually accustomed In a headwind or for example on a crossover there is no need to downshift immediately.


On most motorways inclines (1:20) driving is easily possible in the 4th gear with 50 mph and even full throttle with 70 mph. Hill starts are possible on steep slopes, theoretical up to 38%, if the wheels have sufficient traction. Because the car does not have enough power at low revs, we recommend a gradient of more than 28% not to drive.

Attention: This car can easily drive much faster with the caravan than is safe. So always keep an eye on your speed!



The main details in a list. Ideal for comparing different combinations with one another, for example your present with a new one.

Towing limit
3500 kg
Weight ratio
(laden Caravan / laden Car)
(1480 kg / 2754 kg)
Towball limit
80 kg
Score at optimal noseweight
Infuence pay load
Flat roads
Top speed
94 mph (5th gear)
At headwind
88 mph
Speed in practice
90 mph (5th gear)
0 - 60 mph
20.4 sec. - (max. 17.5 sec.)
30 - 60 mph
14.3 sec. - (max. 11.8 sec.)
50 - 60 mph
4th gear: 6.5 sec. (max. 5.1 sec.)
Power at 60 mph
Highest (6th) gear
of limited use (1682 rpm, 64% gas)
Gears in practice
5th gear
4th gear
Revs at 60 mph
Percentage between accelerator
46% - 53%
36% - 42%
Power needed at 60 mph 1653 N
over: 2050 N
over: 3055 N
Motorway inclines 1:20
Speed (maximum)
68 mph - (70 mph)
In the
4th gear
3187 - (3274)
Acceleration 30 - 50 mph
13.3 sec. - (max. 11.1 sec.)
Normaly at 50 mph in the
4th gear
By revs
Percentage accelerator
Hill starts
Maximum incline
36% - 38.9%
Minimum speed (whereby power)
6 mph - (11 mph)
Mountain roads
Maximum slope driving
Maximum speed on 1:8
43 mph in the 2th gear


Download a fact sheet in PDF

Details combination

You may customize the data to your own situation.

Landrover Discovery 2.7 Td V6 aut.
November 2004 - September 2009
kW (190 bhp) at rpm
Nm at - rpm
kg user payload kg
/ R
automatic with 6 gears and torque converter (en met low gear)
Towing limit
kg (towball limit kg)
Elddis Affinity 540
Empty weight
kg Payload kg
m. (8'6")
Overall width:
m. (7'5")
Overall body lenght:
m. (19'9")
Shipping length:
m. (24'0")
Actual gross train weight
4234 kg
Stated vehicle gross train weight


User Payload:

Output in km/h or mph:


Other Car:

Other Caravan:


The Landrover towing a Elddis Affinity 540 (1480) kg reviewed by Steve:

Disco will go anywhere you want and towing the van is great. Fell high up and in command of the van. I have the Auto box and woudlnt want a manual. Never struggles changing gear.
Car is 15 years old now but the air suspension makes for a great ride despite its bulk.
Obviously car would be great for a more heavy van and the newer versions are even better.
Would recommend a Disco!

The Landrover towing a Bailey Senator Carolina (1696) kg reviewed by Dale McWilliams:

Had the Discovery 3 now for 18 months and am very happy with it. Pulls our Bailey Senator Carolina without any problems. Been to Ireland, UK & France, you can see why the Land Rover has been Best Tow Car of the year so long. Average 23MPG on our last trip to Cornwall (1180 miles). Lots of power and precision with high driving position making this the perfect car to tow with, plus you have loads of room in the car to carry extra gear.

The Landrover towing a Bailey Unicorn Valencia (1497) kg reviewed by Chris Kearns:

Towing a Bailey Unicorn S2 Valencia. My Disco is an auto and I wouldn't go back to manual ever. It is without doubt the best tow car I have ever had. But I think some of the claimed mpg figures in some reviews are very optimistic and certainly not my experience. Mine is in top condition with full LR service history but round the doorsI average around 23 mpg and towing around 21 mpg. The only time I get it above 30 mpg is solo at a steady 60mph. Bear inmind its kerbweight is pushing 2.7 tons and it has the aerodynamics of a brick. How anyone gets anything like 38 mpg out of one beats me. Also servicing and repairs are expensive, even using independent LR specialists. So it is a brilliant car, but buy one with your eyes open and don;t expect it to be cheap to run!