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Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon 2.4 JTDM 20v and Avondale

PhilT reviewed on 22 July 2009 a Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon 2.4 JTDM 20v (200 PS/147 Kw, Year: 2006 - 2013) with a Avondale Argente 480-2 of 1150 kg.

Note although this says Argente we have the Rialto 480-2 with a Max Tech weight of 1160kg which was the previous model. The car is also the the later 210 BHP version (but not 4x4) I had towed the caravan with a 2003 Avensis 2.0VVTI which was a little sluggish and ran out of go a little to easy, this outfit on the other hand is superb. The ease with which you can achieve 60mph on the sliproad before joining motorways takes away any fears you may have. For those who know about the car its not the most frugal at 29MPG, but you do get there in style. Pull away needs good clutch control as all the BHP and torque will have the wheels spinning if your not careful, but 1 in 6 (16%) have been achieved also with ease. If your brave enough to own an Alfa they make a superb towcar.

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