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Citroen C-Crosser

Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Avondale

Michael reviewed on 07 October 2013 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Avondale Dart 510-5 of 1180 kg.

I've had a C-Crosser for two years now, before that I had a Mk3 Mondeo, the C-Crosser is technically more powerful but it's also a heavier vehicle than the Mondeo, the C-Crosser accelerates well but I think the Mondeo pulled harder. The C-Crosser is very stable and the switchable 2/4wd is fantastic, it's managed to pull an Avondale dart 510/5 up-hill out of a festival quagmire with little effort, I wouldn't go back to the Mondeo. It's a comfy car and quite capable on and off road, not a true off-roader but competent in muddy fields. Look out for worn dual mass flywheels and clutchs slipping at about 2000rpm in 3rd gear and above when pushed hard.

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Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Bailey

Clive reviewed on 08 May 2011 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Bailey Olympus 504 of 1424 kg.

Bought the car when a bigger van purchase showed i needed a Turbo diesel . Second hand market values are a bargin compared to alternatives. Have found it to be a good tow car : visibility , very stable on motorways even when overtaking up to over 70 mph. It never feel short of power when trying pulling out into the overtaking lane traffic gaps on dual carriageways.
Seats are comfortable even after a 7 hr tow & a single 20 min short break.So perfect for long distance trips. Boot takes all the required gear including the dog crate without issue.Would prefer a larger fuel tank. Max range about 300 miles when towing . Fuel consumption is ambient temp and speed dependent.Typical motorway trip at 55 mph cruising gives mid 20`s mpg but falls to only 21 if cruising speed is pushed to around 60 avg eg by trying to stay above the lorry traffic.
Drop down bumper is good for loading but means extra cost of a detachable towbar-500 with electrics

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Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Burstner

Murray Turner reviewed on 24 August 2010 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Burstner Amara 460 of 1350 kg.

I upgraded from a Citroen Picasso 1,6 Hdi to the C crosser for this van due to the poor torque available from the 1,6 diesel engine.
I have found the C crosser absolutely superb towing under all conditions so far, including some pretty poor roads in Croatia.
I know the van is fairly light compared to some but it really is possible to forget the van is on the back.
We went for a 4x4 mainly for hillstarts on poor surfaces and have found it more than adequate.
The only point I would raise is that 1st gear and reverse seem a bit high for low speed manoevering with the van on uneven sites, backing uphill being a problem. I think investing in a mover for the next caravan will be the answer.
Apart from the last point, a very powerful and stable towcar with good stability and visibility.

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Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Swift

Lorne reviewed on 27 May 2010 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Swift Challenger 530 of 1545 kg.

Just changed to a Citroen C Crosser what do you say my previous Volvo V70 D5 was going to be very hard to beat towing the latest Swift Challenger 530. The new C Crosser is a gem with the large mirrors and high driving position economy is good to. The power delivery is constant at all levels and very sure footed, excellent take off with the caravan on steel hills. A 4X4 that drives like a car with good acceleration very smooth engine. It is really a MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER with a Citroen engine a very good mix the 2010 Outlander is now going to be fitted with this engine as it is more powerful and quieter than the VW engine. I am impressed.

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Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Swift

Steve reviewed on 26 May 2009 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Swift Challenger 500 of 1450 kg.

When I up-graded my van, and to ensure I didn't get stuck in wet fields again, we purchased a C-Crosser from a local dealer. The C-Crosser performs very well in all conditions and is very stable on the motorway. The dealership has been excellent - the only down-side is that on one journey the Turbo air feed pipe became detached twice! I have heard that this is a common problem but not a difficult one to fix even at the roadside. Overall a very effective vehicle.

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Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi and Bailey

Dave reviewed on 14 May 2008 a Citroen C-Crosser 2.2 Hdi (115 Kw/156 PS, Year: 2007 - 2012) with a Bailey Senator S5 Oklahoma of 1447 kg.

I had to get rid of my Landrover Discovery due to massive repair bills mounting up and needed a car man enough to tow my Bailey Senator Oklahoma with a ALW of 1447Kg. I couldn't be happier with the performance of the C Crosser so far.
I thought I'd miss the power of the Disco but the sheer grunt and firm road holding of the Crosser is more than equal. Actually it's quicker and far more responsive even with the heavy lump of a Senator dragging behind.
Ample room inside means total comfort for all even with a full load. The 2 rear extra seats really are for kids only but thats fine.
I'm loving the whole car so far and throughly recommend it weather your towing or not

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