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Citroen C8

Citroen C8 - 2.0i 16v aut. and Bailey

TONY SQUIRES reviewed on 10 September 2012 a Citroen C8 - 2.0i 16v aut. (100 Kw/136 PS, Year: 2002 - 2013) with a Bailey Senator Indiana of 1464 kg.

Been towing with this for many years, comfortable drive, hardly know the van is on the back

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Citroen C8 - 2.2i 16v and Elddis

Stephen reviewed on 18 March 2009 a Citroen C8 - 2.2i 16v (116 Kw/158 PS, Year: 2002 - 2006) with a Elddis Avante 505 of 1500 kg.

We have the top of the range,nice car but corners like a big bus,big spec ,and lots to go wrong !!!,drinks fuel,lots of room for the kids,we have the six seat version so they could not fight,they still fight just have a bigger swing now,would I buy again,not sure

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Citroen C8 - 2.2 Hdi and Abbey

Brian reviewed on 27 February 2009 a Citroen C8 - 2.2 Hdi (94 Kw/128 PS, Year: 2004 - 2006) with a Abbey Vogue 540 of 1469 kg.

The C8 has served as a reliable tow car for the last year and 1,500 trouble free miles. Stability is very good on motorways (including a very busy M62!) and cruising in 6th gear at 60mph is easy. The C8 has enough space for a family of 2 adults and 2 children with all the kit that goes with a family of 4.

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Citroen C8 - 2.0i 16v aut. and Sprite

Anthony snaith reviewed on 05 June 2008 a Citroen C8 - 2.0i 16v aut. (100 Kw/136 PS, Year: 2002 - 2013) with a Sprite Major 5 of 1300 kg.

i find it a good match you dont feel the caravn at all

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Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi aut. and Knaus

Uffe Toft reviewed on 31 January 2008 a Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi aut. (79 Kw/107 PS, Year: 2002 - 2006) with a Knaus Sport 500 FU of 1375 kg.

This tow is very good. Automatic with speedpilot is very low stress! Only the car would need a kick down contact under the speeder for easy kick down!
But i have taken my caravan 6 times from DK to F and I find the constalation very good!

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Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi and Caravan

Peter reviewed on 11 November 2007 a Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi (79 Kw/107 PS, Year: 2002 - 2006) with a Caravan of 1250 kg.

i have a c8 loads of space but beware it drinks juice very quick ime doing a 135 miles per week on 35
you buy one of these make sure you have a gold card with you but all in all very nice car to drive execlent vision very comfy hand brake on right near drivers door.

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Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi and Elddis

Anthony McAdam reviewed on 03 July 2007 a Citroen C8 - 2.0 Hdi (79 Kw/107 PS, Year: 2002 - 2006) with a Elddis Odyssey 524 of 1495 kg.

I have nothing but praise for the C8 HDI. It is ideal with my Odyssey. The nose weight of the van doesn't affect the rear suspension at all even at its max for the vehicle around 75kg. It copes with accelerating passed lorries on the motorways without any fuss. The width of the vehicle means you dont have to concentrate too much about the van sticking out from behind it and the overtaking mirrors are adequate for most situations. The diesel engine returns around 27 mpg on fairly undulating rounds, a mix between B roads and motorway. If any of your readers have seen the roads around Kielder forest you will appreciate their severity. It is able to cope with 5th gear most of the time where you would expect it to. Stability is very good even with a juggernaught overtaking you going down hill. The breaks are more than adequate to pull everything up quickly with discs all round, and in emergencies the hazard warning lights come on automatically to warn those who are right behind you! Access to the luggage area is fine with the big overhead tail gate clearing the jockey wheel with room to spare. The tow bar mounting points are well located and removal of the spare wheel is not hinderd by its position.
On bumpy roads you don't get bounced around with the weight of the van tugging on the hitch so the kids don't complain of sea sickness!
The only thing that I have noticed is that it uses a little more oil when towing than when its not, but only 250ml or so over 5hrs towing.

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