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Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi and Caravan

Vlad Rites reviewed on a Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi (63 Kw/86 bhp year: october 2007 - november 2013) and a Caravan of (laden) 850 kg.

In the last couples of years I towed with my 1.5dci Dacia a Gruau caravan weighting 600kg/850kg. The car had no serious issues towing the caravan no matter the road type. It can tow for hundreds or thousands of km without any issues. Extremely stable even with powerful side wind and very comfortable at speeds of 90-100 km/h. No issues on mountain roads and on motorways also, except for the long inclined sections where I had to use a lower gear. On the other hand, surprisingly for the 1.5 Renault dci the fuel consumption stayed always high, at a range of 8l/100 km mainly due to the caravan as with the actual caravan (a heavier and longer Knaus) the fuel consumption dropped by 1.5l.

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Dacia Logan MCV 1.6 16v and Boottrailer

goran reviewed on a Dacia Logan MCV 1.6 16v (77 Kw/105 bhp year: march 2007 - november 2013) and a Boottrailer 2000 kg of (laden) 1850 kg.

Dacia Mcv 1.6 16v 105hp, towed boat trailler 1.9 ton uphill where max slope 20,8%, -21,3% and avg slope 5%, -4,3%. The three of us and things in Dacia. First gear, heat in the cabin and run

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