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Fiat Croma

Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD Multijet 16v and Lunar

John Dobson reviewed on 31 March 2009 a Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD Multijet 16v (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2005 - 2011) with a Lunar Quasar EB of 1330 kg.

I have had this combination for just over 2 years now both car and caravan from new. I have towed all over UK with holidays in France, Holland, and Belgium. The first year we had 75 nights away, and the second yaer 53 nights away. I find this combination excellent and agree that I can only use 6th gear on flat motorway style roads. I do find I get low mileage out of the rear tyres, but I am prepared to put up with this. I find it comfortable to drive long distances, and has power to spare when overtaking, I tend not to use the cruise control when towing, but this is not for any particular reason. I used to use supermarket fuel, and got about 27.5 mpg, now I use a major brand which, (I find with my same brand credit card), is 1p/litre cheaper and now get 32.5 mpg

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Fiat Croma 2.4 JTD Multijet 20v aut. and Knaus

Ricardo reviewed on 17 September 2008 a Fiat Croma 2.4 JTD Multijet 20v aut. (200 PS/147 Kw, Year: 2005 - 2011) with a Knaus Sudwind 450 EL of 1300 kg.

El coche mueve perfectamente a la caravana. En autopista con control de velocidad, ninguna cuesta le impide mantener la velocidad constante.
Buena aceleración y capacidad de reacción permite adelantar rápìdamente a un camión incluso en carretera de doble sentido.
Consumo de 10,5 litros a los 100kms a 90km/hora. Muy cómodo por el cambio automático.

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Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD Multijet 16v and Lunar

Watto reviewed on 15 April 2008 a Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD Multijet 16v (150 PS/110 Kw, Year: 2005 - 2011) with a Lunar Lexon 585 SI of 1380 kg.

Plenty of mid range pull, but 6th gear not usable below 60mph.
Car sits quite low on the rear even with only 65-70kg nose weight.
MPG towing never less that 25.
Traction control prevents wheel spin in all but the slippiest conditions but also prevents getting the revs up for quick pull-off in dry conditions - you can turn it off but it becomes a bit mental.
Using cruise control to accellerate when towing is more responsive than the throttle pedal especially when overtaking.
Not able to turn off rear parking sensors when hitching up to the caravan, very anoying.
The clutch tends to start to 'smell' after a only a few minutes of reversing even on level ground. I now tend to use the caravan mover more to avoid this.

All in all, despite the saggy rear end it pulls very nicely. last year in a trip to Scotland (390 miles). 4 adults, 55mph cruise control on in 5th gear, 11 hours driving was not the nightmare I thought it would be.

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