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Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD and Knaus

Ube reviewed on 04 January 2010 a Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD (105 PS/77 Kw, Year: 1998 - 2002) with a Knaus Sudwind 500 KU of 1335 kg.

Many tanks for your best site.
"live" Towing performance for my car in not bad, but i like to change to a van/suv.

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Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD and Elddis

John reviewed on 07 August 2009 a Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2007) with a Elddis Odyssey 524 of 1525 kg.

i have been towing my odyssey 524 for 6 months now with the multipla.People seem 2 think the balance between the 2 isnt right. But i had an upgrade bhp unit fitted [by myself no less] and what a difference 2 the power.Sits all day in 5th gear and according 2 the law the van is 225kgs 2 heavy.The other interesting part is that im getting up 2 33-35 miles per gallon.Iv also got an avensis 2lt turbo diesel again upgraded but between the 2 the multipla wins easily.My only regret is if i decide 2 go abroad it wouldnt be legal.By the way i live in scotland and it seems ok so far .Dont know if in the event of an accident would it go against me.Any help appreciated

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Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD and Lunar

Grahame reviewed on 15 April 2008 a Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2007) with a Lunar Zenith 6 of 1260 kg.

I have been towing my Lunar Zenith 6 for a couple of years with a 2002 115bhp diesel Multipla. We load the car and van to the max weight what with 4 kids bikes and all the rest of it. I have to say that it out performs many other cars of a similar power and size and the lack of rear overhang makes it a very stable towcar. Nice high driving position is really helpful and you don't really need towing mirrors cos it's so wide. Bought the Lunar as it's light and didn't want to change the car. Recommend a diesel Multipla to anyone.

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Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD and Adria

Julian Bond reviewed on 11 March 2008 a Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2007) with a Adria Action 361 LH of 1000 kg.

I have had my Multipla for about 5 years. Single it is stupendous on motorways & fun on the back roads. When towing the caravan I find that it is perfectly capable on motorways or back roads up to 120kmph. Although as soon as you have any incline it is better to drop into 4th gear as 5th is too long for traction. Economy with caravan 9l/100km (28mpg @ 70mph) is not bad!
I found with the extreme positioning of the wheels make the kit so easy to move.
Don't look further than this setup with its performance, economy, confort on long journeys & manouverability.

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Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD and Bailey

Angie reviewed on 15 July 2007 a Fiat Multipla 1.9 JTD (116 PS/85 Kw, Year: 2002 - 2007) with a Bailey Ranger 550/6 of 1258 kg.

I am delighted with the performance of my fiat multipla towing a Ranger 550/6.
I am close to the maximum towing weight for my car however the performance is good-even on long hills in Devon and Cornwall.
The fiat tows far better than I expected,and the fuel consumption whilst towing is reasonable too.
The only slight complaint I could have is that when manouvering the car is very short in length compared to the van which can be a little tricky.
I could recommend this outfit though.Just because the Fiat doesn't look powerful enough-dont write it off-you may be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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