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Honda Jazz 1.2 i-VTEC and Eriba

Julia Burns reviewed on a Honda Jazz 1.2 i-VTEC (66 Kw/90 bhp year: january 2009 - july 2015) and a Eriba Familia 320 of (laden) 900 kg.

I have towed our Eriba Familia about 600 miles so far with our Honda Jazz 1.2 V Tech and it's been fine, though a very low gear is necessary on steep hills. However we have decided to trade in our present Jazz which has done around 35K for the larger engined 1.4 model and we feel that then, with the extra bit of power, our outfit will be ideally suited.

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Honda Jazz 1.2 and Predom

jose maria reviewed on a Honda Jazz 1.2 (57 Kw/78 bhp year: may 2003 - january 2009) and a Predom N-126nt of (laden) 751 kg.

I need know others caravans possible with my car

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Honda Jazz 1.4 and Caravan

ian reilly reviewed on a Honda Jazz 1.4 (61 Kw/83 bhp year: january 2002 - january 2009) and a Caravan leeg: 750 kg of (laden) 1000 kg.

I have not been to far with my caravan,40 miles max, but i found that as long as you try to keep a steady speed it's fine. You have to think ahead when it come's to roundabouts and junctions as the acceleration isn't great, but i'm happy to say no problems so far.

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