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Honda Stream - 2.0 and Bailey

Sarah Orme reviewed on a Honda Stream - 2.0 (115 Kw/156 bhp year: may 2001 - december 2005) and a Bailey Ranger 500/5 of (laden) 1244 kg.

Lovely big family car with loads of space and can fit seven in (but only with a picnic!). I have had no problems towing at all seems very stable outfit and nothing to scare this lady driver! Only concerns are the low hitch weight of, I think, 50kg. I try to load everything over the axle and only have small gas bottles. Also, trying to get off muddy pitches isn't the easiest - we have had to push sometimes. This has made me consider a CR-V instead. I can see very little through the caravan, but I just use mirrors. It is a lovely car to drive! Bit thirsty though - direct steering and a lively engine.

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