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Kia Rio 1.5 CRDi vgt and Eriba

Mike Wareing reviewed on a Kia Rio 1.5 CRDi vgt (81 Kw/110 bhp year: october 2005 - april 2011) and a Eriba Touring Triton 410 GT of (laden) 980 kg.

My Kia Rio Strike 1.5 diesel tows my Eriba Triton 410/BS almost effortlessly in a wide range of road conditions. My previous towcar was a Citroen Berlingo 2.0L diesel and, although its load capacity was much greater, we've found the Kia more comfortable and economical. It will pull top gear all day on motorways with the 'van. Towball download max. is only 50kg but this is easily achieved.

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Kia Rio 1.5 and Eriba

Liz Berridge reviewed on a Kia Rio 1.5 (71 Kw/97 bhp year: january 2003 - october 2005) and a Eriba Touring Triton 420 GT of (laden) 1000 kg.

Kia Rio 1.5 CTDi has proved an excellent car to tow the Eriba Triton 420GT. Hardly loses any power at low or high speeds, and manoevres well at all speeds. Also very little reduction in MPG when towing. I would recommend this combination.

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Kia Rio 1.3i 8v and Caravelair

miguel reviewed on a Kia Rio 1.3i 8v (60 Kw/82 bhp year: january 2003 - october 2005) and a Caravelair Antares Luxe Ambiance 400 of (laden) 920 kg.

It's a good car for a beginner, in 2years i've made about 5000km in all condition with no problem at all. on high way I can run at 110km/h in 4th gear, 5th gear is hard to use, hill starts are a little difficult to do. No heating trouble at all, even on a 12% gradiant at full torque, I'm very happy with my KIA even if I know is engine is too small for my caravan
If I decide to change my car, I will for sure try another KIA.

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