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Lada Niva 1.7 and Bessacarr

spike reviewed on a Lada Niva 1.7 (60 Kw/82 bhp year: july 2000 - january 2010) and a Bessacarr Cameo 635 of (laden) 1975 kg.

tried hiring a lada to pull this van because it was cheap. Big mistake because my yorkshire terrier pulls better than this heap in short i just got it loaded and ready for the 7 hour drive to Bogner, just pulled off the drive and the van tipped the back end of car up 2 foot in the air with the car being rear wheel drive i couldnt get going at all in fact the speedo read 90 and i wasnt moving just peeing off everyone living within ear shot i got out and put the mother in law in the boot as a last resort but my rear end was still off the ground (just) so there by hangs a tale dont try this one at home it doesnt help that we pack the van with 2 tonne of contents but thats another story in short dont go there!!

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