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Lexus RX450h and Abbey

Paul reviewed on a Lexus RX450h (220 Kw/299 bhp year: april 2008 - 2015) and a Abbey GTS Vogue 417 of (laden) 1399 kg.

Have been towing with the Lexus RX450h now for a couple of years and am very happy with it. I was a little apprehensive at first due to the car being a hybrid but it doesn't seem to affect things too much to be honest. It will pull the caravan at 40mph on electric only when conditions allow. Nowhere near as torquey as a my previous towcar (Volvo XC60) but copes just as well. Just don't expect it to keep up with the big diesels like land rovers etc up the hills. On a recent trip to the New Forest, I managed to achieve a frankly unbelievable 41mpg!!! This was with 2 adults, 2 children and a weeks worth of food, clothing etc inside the caravan. A total of 240 miles at a modest 50mph, mainly on cruise control. The mpg indicator on this car is usually pretty much accurate so I can only assume this was correct. One down side I would like to mention is the very low towball limit of 80kg. The car is capable of towing 2000kg but I find it hard to believe you could manage to tow a twin axle caravan of this weight and still get the towball weight down to 80kg. I would love to be told different if anyone has managed this. Also, I think the rear suspension is a little on the soft side to cope well with the weight transfer from caravan to car although this is obviously fine on smooth roads. To summarise, anyone that's thinking about buying one of these and using it as a towcar, I'd say just go for it. I don't think you would be disappointed.

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Lexus RX350 and Buccaneer

Mark lister reviewed on a Lexus RX350 (203 Kw/276 bhp year: april 2006 - 2012) and a Buccaneer Cruiser of (laden) 1974 kg.

Unable to enter details of exact car, I drive an RX450h Premier CVT.

We tend to keep the caravan on a seasonal pitch but do occasionally take it on the road, after all that\'s what having a tourer is all about.

Last July we took our car and caravan with 4 adults, 1 x toddler and 2 x dogs down to the South West region of France. We took the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and then did the 420 miles in 1 day to our caravan site. We made frequent stops for my grand-daughter and dogs to stretch their legs but had we been alone, I think that the only stop on the whole journey would have been for fuel. We arrived, feeling relaxed and I know that the car certainly contributed to this. At one point on the trip due to the ACC, I drove 140 miles and the only input from me was the steering, the car took care of absolutely everything else. This would have been longer if we hadn\'t had to stop for the toll.

The car was an absolute dream to drive even though it was fully laden, we managed to get 20.2 mpg on this journey which I thought was pretty good for an outfit of this size. I imagine that the adaptive cruise control helped a little.

I would certainly recommend this car to anyone that wants a truly luxury towing experience, it certainly gets plenty of admiring looks too when on the road and on site.

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Lexus RX350 and Bailey

Alan reviewed on a Lexus RX350 (203 Kw/276 bhp year: april 2006 - 2012) and a Bailey Senator Indiana of (laden) 1464 kg.

Car is a RX400h,system would not let me enter,pulls great but only managed 18 mpg and that was mostly motorway cruising at 60,lovely car but pricey,

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Lexus RX300 and Sterling

Mark reviewed on a Lexus RX300 (164 Kw/223 bhp year: october 2000 - may 2003) and a Sterling Eccles SE Ruby of (laden) 1600 kg.

This car towed the Ruby with no problems used the cruise control it didnt need to ghange down going up hill like our previous Mitsubishi Challenger did aslo did the same milage about 20MPG and as petrol is cheaper this is a saving for me.Also very comfortable whilst towing.

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Lexus RX350 and Eriba

denis reviewed on a Lexus RX350 (203 Kw/276 bhp year: april 2006 - 2012) and a Eriba Nova 570 of (laden) 1610 kg.

I have towed with lexus RX 400H no problem from lands end to scotland and back. have now taken delivery of the RX450H will be off soon.

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Lexus RX300 and Bailey

Kevin Woodfield reviewed on a Lexus RX300 (150 Kw/204 bhp year: may 2003 - april 2006) and a Bailey Ranger 620/6 of (laden) 1481 kg.

Used to pull the Bailey with a Mitsubishi 2.0 D Outlander which was good on the flat but struggled on inclines sometimes having to drop from 6th to 3rd gear, but turned a respectable 20/21mpg when towing and 40mpg solo. The Lexus pulls the Bailey with ease and being an Auto sometimes drops from 5th to 4th up inclines but it is effortless. However it only returns 15mpg when towing and 32mpg on a run, so running costs are higher but the Lexus does the job with ease

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Lexus RX300 and TEC

Pete Morris reviewed on a Lexus RX300 (164 Kw/223 bhp year: october 2000 - may 2003) and a TEC Travel King 510 TE of (laden) 1300 kg.

If you can live with 20mpg whilst towing (our previous Mitsubishi diesel only returned the same), then forget diesel! 500 miles a day towing is like driving round the block solo in any other car. Comfort, power + cruise control - the best kept secret in caravanning - buy one!

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Lexus RX300 and Bailey

Hugh reviewed on a Lexus RX300 (150 Kw/204 bhp year: may 2003 - april 2006) and a Bailey Senator Virginia of (laden) 1459 kg.

The Bailey has recently replaced an Abbey GTS Vogue 2004 model and both have behaved impeccably behind the Lexus. I use 5th gear most of the time on straight roads, only dropping to 4th on inclines or bends

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Lexus RX300 and Geist

Charles Hibbert reviewed on a Lexus RX300 (164 Kw/223 bhp year: october 2000 - may 2003) and a Geist LV550 of (laden) 1440 kg.

A very comfortable car with plenty of stowage for 2 or 4.A good balance with van and power to deal with HGV's.MPG is about19.6 towing.

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