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MG ZS 180 2.5 V6 and Caravan

Jason Clark reviewed on 28 May 2008 a MG ZS 180 2.5 V6 (130 Kw/177 PS, Year: 2001 - 2004) with a Caravan of 1000 kg.

As you probably know being an MG ZS180 owner they arent exactly cheap to run petrol consumption wise, towing with one is i'd say is only slightly worse, the oodles of power available is a real god send together with huge excellent allround sports disc brakes makes this car one of the best towing vehicles for its size i'd say, i would'nt hesitate recommending this car to anyone wanting to tow anything upto and including a 1000 kilo's. Tons of pulling power, tons of stopping power all together in a class stylish package, what more could you ask for !

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