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Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon 1.6 and Dethleffs

Frank Vandenberg reviewed on 14 February 2008 a Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon 1.6 (72 Kw/98 PS, Year: 2003 - 2009) with a Dethleffs Camper 430 T of 1200 kg.

Despite your pretty negative advice, I'm satisfied with the performance of my Lancer 1.6 wagon (2006) in combination with our Dethleffs Camper 430T -1992 (mtplm 1000 kg).
Okay, its not the fastest combination but because 80% of the maximum toque is already available at 2000 rpm its very relaxed driving even in mountainus regions.
Detail: the car is running on autogas/LPG even when towing the caravan, witch gives no problems at all!!!
With the current petrol prices I'm driving with a smile on my face.

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