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Opel Corsa 1.2 and Caravan

Corsic-ar07 reviewed on a Opel Corsa 1.2 (59 Kw/80 bhp year: august 2004 - august 2006) and a Caravan of (laden) 400 kg.

My Corsa 1.2 copes well with my 450kg caravan on the back. I have towed the same caravan with a 1 litre Corsa aswell, which also coped, however performance in the 1litre was not as good as with the 1.2.

It (1.2) can struggle on hills, but once on a reasonably flat surface or slight gradient, it can easily sit at 55-60mph if required. I have not towed on a motorway yet so cannot comment on that. I have however towed to remote areas in Scotland, and I was satisfied with the performance.

The Corsa offers a reasonable tow car for small, lightweight caravans such as those in the Freedom range.

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